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Schema Registry 101

If you were to ask any developer, ""what's a schema and where is it used?"" Most likely, you'd get an answer involving a relational database. The truth is the domain objects used in applications represent a contract, an implied schema, whether developers choose to acknowledge them or not. But even if you recognize the need for a formal schema, what's the best way to manage them?

This presentation will contain some theory and primarily practical application for schemas with Schema Registry. I'll briefly explain what a schema is and how it's very relevant to any application working with Kafka today. It will go into the practical, introducing Schema Registry, describing how it works and how developers can leverage it to provide schemas across an organization. The discussion will cover working with Schema Registry from the command line, how to leverage it with Kafka clients, and the supported serialization formats. Some established build tools that make life easier for the Kafka developer will also be covered.

Attendees will walk away with knowledge of Schema Registry and a solid understanding of how it works, how to integrate them into Kafka clients. They'll also learn enough about the supported serialization frameworks to start implementing schemas right away in their Kafka development efforts.


Bill Bejeck

Bill Bejeck is working at Confluent as an integration architect on the Developer Relations team. He was a software engineer for over 15 years and has regularly contributed to Kafka Streams. Before Confluent, he worked on various ingest applications as a U.S. Government contractor using distributed software such as Apache Kafka, Spark, and Hadoop. He has also written a book about Kafka Streams titled "Kafka Streams in Action."