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Monitoring User Session Statistics with Apache Kafka and ksqlDB

Trendyol is the largest e-commerce company in Turkey, established in 2010 to provide a seamless e-commerce experience to our customers and vendors.

Trendyol sellers use the Seller Center portal for creating products, monitoring orders, delivering shipments, changing product prices and etc.

This session intends to explain as Trendyol Tech, how we track user session information using Apache Kafka, ksqlDB and Debezium.

One of the fundamentals of Trendyol is ""Living with data"", here are some of the information we extract after the process:

  • Number of users currently using the system
  • Which device/browser users use the most
  • The usage rates based on time or device/browser
  • The average session length of a user
  • Changes of the session length based on variables such as time or device/browser


Cemalettin Kaya

Cemalettin is a Engineering Team Lead and a member of Trendyol Tech team. He began his career at start-up Bayt Technology working with wireless communications systems, optimization and products of wireless systems. After various of experiences in different leading companies, in 2018 Cemalettin joined the Trendyol the largest e-commerce company in Turkey, as well as one of the leading global platforms.

Anıl Doğan

Anıl Doğan is a Software Developer who graduated from Akdeniz University in 2020. He began working as a Backend Developer when he was studying in college. Now he is working as an Associate Software Developer in Trendyol Tech for about 1 year.