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Modern Data Flow: Data Pipelines Done Right

Jay Kreps, Co-founder & CEO, Confluent presents his keynote "Modern Data Flow: Data Pipelines Done Right" at Kafka Summit London 2022. Featured in Jay's keynote is a demo presented by Director, Product Marketing, Amit Gupta, titled "Making Modern Data Piplelines Real" where he discusses how to harness real-time data across a business to help power customer experiences and internal business needs. Jay also sat down to speak with Avi Perez, who currently serves as the Head of Backend Engineering at


Jay Kreps

Jay Kreps is the CEO and co-founder of Confluent, the foundational platform for data in motion built on Apache Kafka. As a pioneer in a new category of data infrastructure, Confluent’s significant growth underscores the importance of data in motion across all industries. Prior to Confluent he was the lead architect for data and infrastructure at LinkedIn. He is the initial developer of several open source projects, including Apache Kafka.

Avi Perez

Avi Perez has over 20 years of experience in technology with over fifteen years of leading technical teams. Avi currently serves as the Head of Backend Engineering at He is passionate about being a hands-on leader and believes that making developers challenged by their work while considering their personal growth produces better technology and customer value. Avi is passionate about large-scale Big Data, distributed system architecture, and multi-tenant SAAS cloud systems performance.

Before Wix, Avi worked in leadership positions at organizations like Cellebrite, AppsFlyer, and NICE Systems. With a love for mentorship and teaching, he also participated as a Teaching Assistant for students in their first year of the MBA Program at Tel Aviv University. Avi holds a Bachelor's degree in Information Systems from Technion Israel Institute of Technology and an MBA in Strategy and Entrepreneurship from Tel Aviv University.

Amit Gupta

Amit Gupta is a group manager on Confluent’s Product Management team. Prior to joining Confluent, Amit was director of product management for platform at Pivotal. Amit holds a master’s degree in mathematics from the University of California, Berkeley.