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Kafka High Availability in multi data center setup with floating Observers

Enabling High Availability in cluster setup that spawns different data centers is challenging but it is even more if we are using just two data-centers. Not ideal for Kafka HA at all. But this is reality for most organizations as they are using the same data-centers previously used for database HA. In this presentation we will see how to use Kafka Observer feature to address this challenge with additional tweak to distribute load evenly among Observers and ordinary Brokers and make them floating between data-centers. The whole demo is supported by Infrastructure as a code automation trough Ansible.


Dalibor Blazevic
Phong Pham

Phong has 17 years of experience with DB and Middleware products. This means good experience around installation, security patching, upgrades, migrations, tuning, backup / recovery and HA. He is able to build new platforms with a focus on scalability, security and self-service. He has a burning interest and understanding for the operation of business-critical applications. He has operated a wide range of Middleware technologies: Kafka, RabbitMQ, Oracle Middleware products, Apache http/Tomcat server and Oracle LDAP. In recent years Phong has specialized in establishing strong operating regime around Kafka services. He supports customers with their day-to-day operations, health of the cluster, monitoring, upgrades and patching, managing resource and capacity planning. He has good knowledge of git repositories with Infrastructure as Code using Ansible and GitLab.