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A Hitchhiker's Guide to Apache Kafka Geo-Replication

Many organizations use Apache Kafka® to build data pipelines that span multiple geographically distributed data centers, for use cases ranging from high availability and disaster recovery, to data aggregation and regulatory compliance.

The journey from single-cluster deployments to multi-cluster deployments can be daunting, as you need to deal with networking configurations, security models and operational challenges. Geo-replication support for Kafka has come a long way, with both open-source and commercial solutions that support various replication topologies and disaster recovery strategies.

So, grab your towel, and join us on this journey as we look at tools, practices, and patterns that can help us build reliable, scalable, secure, global (if not inter-galactic) data pipelines that meet your business needs, and might even save the world from certain destruction.


Sanjana Kaundinya

Sanjana Kaundinya joined Confluent in 2019 after completing her bachelor’s degree in computer science at Cornell University. Since joining Confluent, she has worked on a variety of multi-region technologies including Replicator, MirrorMaker 2, and most recently, Cluster Linking as part of the Global Kafka team.

Rajini Sivaram