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What is the State of my Kafka Streams Application? Unleashing Metrics

Just as the Apache Kafka Brokers provide JMX metrics to monitor your cluster's health, Kafka Streams provides a rich set of metrics for monitoring your application's health and performance. The metrics to observe for a given use-case of Kafka Streams will vary significantly from application to application. Learning how to build and customize monitoring of those applications will help you maintain a healthy Kafka Streams ecosystem. Takeaways

  • An analysis and overview of the provided metrics, including the new end-to-end metrics of Kafka Streams 2.7.
  • See how to extract metrics from your application using existing JMX tooling.
  • Walkthrough how to build a dashboard for observing those metrics.
  • Explore options of how to add additional JMX resources and Kafka Stream metrics to your application.
  • How to verify you built your dashboard correctly by creating a data control set to validate your dashboard.
  • Go beyond what you can collect from the Kafka Stream metrics.


Neil Buesing