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Development of dynamic pricing for tours using real-time data feeds

FREE NOW business is growing rapidly as a ride-hailing industry in general which creates a fair amount of technical challenges related to real-time data aggregation and processing.

FREE NOW was a long-time user of Kafka and lately adopted Confluent Cloud as a mainstreaming data platform. We managed to scale it towards several hundreds of topics containing various information about the trip, location and business performance overall. This information is heavily utilized to create streaming applications like dynamic pricing computation, fraud detection as well as real-time analytics for marketing campaigns, and much more. We would like to share the details of the implementation for the real-time computation of the dynamic tour pricing which is based on more than 200 million events daily. Also, we would like to reflect on how Confluent helped us to address the development complexity and provide scalability options at the same time.


Mourad Benabdelkerim