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Hiding Your Data From Prying Eyes

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How much can you trust your Kafka cluster? Does it have the right access or audit controls? What about at the level of the file system? Data privacy and integrity is a crucial issue for many deployments for reasons of customer confidentiality, corporate security, national laws and regulations or just applying industry best practices.

In this talk we'll explore the measures Apache Kafka takes to protect your cluster and your data, and why it isn't always enough. We'll take a look at some practical approaches to achieving encryption-at-rest and their risks and benefits, and how proxy servers can be a useful tool for addressing these problems. Lastly, exploring my team's journey to build a fully open source Layer 7 proxy for Apache Kafka, and what we've learned so far about proxying the Kafka protocol.

Attendees will gain a deeper understanding of the potential impacts of improperly secured data and the flow impacts that can have for data integrity, as well as the techniques and challenges of achieving at-rest security in Apache Kafka. They will leave with the knowledge they need to protect their own data's confidentiality, integrity, and availability.

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