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The Nuts and Bolts of Kafka Streams---An Architectural Deep Dive

« Current 2023

Writing a Kafka Streams application is only the first step for your event driven applications. Eventually, you will deploy and tune your applications with different goals in mind (throughput, latency, robustness, high availability, you name it). To run and configure your applications efficiently, it is paramount to understand the internal architecture, and the dependencies and interactions of the different internal components. Otherwise, you end up with a trial-and-error approach that is cumbersome, potentially frustrating, and for sure not fun.

In this talk, we will explore the internal architecture of Kafka Streams to set you up for successfully running and tuning your applications. -- What does the internal threading model look like? How are partitions assigned and mapped to tasks? Why are there multiple internal consumers? What are the most important/interesting configurations and how do they interact with each other? -- Those are just a few questions we will answer in this session, enabling you to run and tune your applications in record time!

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