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White Paper

Building Stream Processing Applications with Confluent

Customers demand immediacy in every area of their lives. Expectations for how they shop, bank, hail rides — and do just about anything else — have been altered dramatically over the last decade. These types of experiences are powered by stream processing applications, which continuously process and immediately react to data in motion rather than periodically querying data at rest.

To help organizations deliver these real-time digital initiatives, Confluent provides a complete, cloud-native platform for harnessing data in motion across a business’ entire data architecture. This paper examines ksqlDB, one of the most critical components of Confluent, that enables you to build complete stream processing applications with just a few simple SQL queries.

Download this whitepaper to understand the:

  • Fundamental concepts and constructs of stream processing with ksqlDB
  • Top technical stream processing use cases to enable businesses to innovate faster and operate in real-time
  • Best practices for simplifying your stream processing architecture

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