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Recognizing the Full Value of Event Streaming: Beyond Messaging to Meaning

In the post-pandemic business environment, digital capabilities will define the future. Global lockdowns and stay-at-home orders have put every organization to the test, and within a week of the shutdown, every digital business model either failed or proved its resiliency. This unique point in time opens the door for major disruption in every industry all around the globe. Organizations that quickly operationalize agile, resilient business models will go beyond digital transformation to disruption.

To create an unfair advantage, forward-thinking business and IT leaders are setting a vision for the event-centric enterprise as a core strategy for digital superiority. New cloud-based event streaming platforms remove the complexity of do-it-yourself data pipeline engineering and enable enterprise wide, real-time, intelligent responses to events.

This ENTERPRISE MANAGEMENT ASSOCIATES® (EMA™) eBook will show how, with fully managed cloud-based event streaming, executives, managers, and individual contributors gain access to real-time intelligence and the enterprise will achieve unprecedented momentum and material gain. At the core of the event-centric enterprise, event streaming platforms become the nervous system of business ecosystems.

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