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Online Talk

Set your Data in Motion with Confluent on AWS

Available On-Demand

Join experts from Confluent and AWS for a webinar that covers how you can accelerate application modernization while moving data from on-prem to AWS. Learn how to break data silos and accelerate time to market for new applications by connecting valuable data from your existing systems on-prem to your AWS environment using Confluent.

We’ll discuss:

  • How to unlock data sitting on your legacy systems and make it available in modern, cloud-native systems on AWS
  • How to leverage Confluent’s 120+ pre-built connectors to bridge your data architecture in real-time between on-prem and AWS environments
  • How organizations are using Confluent on AWS to achieve their business objectives


Joseph Morais

AWS Evangelist/Cloud Partner Solutions Architect, Confluent

Jobin George

Big Data Solutions Architect, AWS

Jobin George is a senior partner solutions architect at AWS, with more than a decade of experience designing and implementing large scale big data and analytics solutions. He provides technical guidance, design advice, and thought leadership to key AWS customers and big data partners.

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