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Kafka Summit London Keynotes and Speakers Announced

Florian Schwensfeier from AUDI AG as well as Martin Fowler and Toby Clemson from ThoughtWorks will keynote alongside speakers from the BBC, Etsy, Google, Nordea Bank, Shopify and Zalando

Palo Alto, Calif. – January 11, 2018 – The committee for Kafka Summit has released the keynotes and agenda for the first-ever European Kafka Summit in London, taking place on April 23-24, 2018, at the Park Plaza Victoria in London. Kafka Summit, the premier streaming systems event for data architects, engineers, DevOps professionals and developers, brings the Apache Kafka® community together to share best practices, write code and discuss the future of streaming technologies. Kafka Summit will be surrounded by related events including a tutorial for new Kafka developers and an in-depth, multi-day training for advanced users. Please see the agenda for full details.

The conference will host four keynotes and 30 sessions across three tracks: internals, streams and pipelines. Keynote presentations will feature:

  • “The Death and Rebirth of the Event Driven Architecture” with Jay Kreps, Confluent
  • “Fast Cars in a Streaming World: Reimagining Transportation at AUDI” with Florian Schwensfeier, AUDI AG
  • “The Present and Future of the Streaming Platform” with Neha Narkhede, Confluent
  • “Enabling Experimentation Using Event-based Systems” with Martin Fowler and Toby Clemson, ThoughtWorks

In addition, speakers across a variety of industries will share experiences and lessons learned from running Kafka at scale. Sessions were selected by the Kafka Summit committee from more than 140 submitted speaker proposals. Featured sessions include:

  • “Streaming Analytics for Business Analysts with KSQL at Nordea Bank” with Alasdair Anderson, Nordea Bank
  • “Kafka in Containers in Docker in Kubernetes in the Cloud” with Christopher Vollick, Shopify
  • “As Above, So Below – Building Microservice Pipelines with Kafka and Clojure” with Dan Myers, The BBC
  • “Don’t Repeat Yourself: Introducing Exactly-Once Semantics in Apache Kafka” with Matthias Sax, Confluent
  • “Taming Billions of Metrics and Logs at Scale” with Luca Magnoni, CERN

“The agenda for the first-ever European Kafka Summit in London is packed with keynotes and sessions that will give attendees real-world examples of putting Kafka to use for mission-critical streaming applications, and ways to maximize the potential of streaming data,” said Neha Narkhede, co-creator of Apache Kafka and CTO at Confluent. “We’re looking forward to bringing the international community together to share these best practices and continue learning from each other.”

Join the community for a cocktail reception following the first day of the conference on April 23rd starting at 6:45 p.m., located at The Park Plaza Victoria.

The up-to-date agenda and the full list of speakers are available online. For more information about Kafka Summit and to register to attend, please visit www.kafka-summit.org.

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