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Look how easy it is to go from events to blazing-fast analytics

Apache Kafka is the de facto standard for real-time event streaming, but what do you do if you want to perform user-facing, ad-hoc, real-time analytics too? That's a hard problem. Apache Pinot solves it, and the two together are like chocolate and peanut butter, peaches and cream, and Steve Rogers and Peggy Carter. Come to this talk for an introduction to Pinot and an overview of how the Pinot Kafka Connector works. Hear the challenges unique to a user-facing realtime analytics system, and how Pinot and Kafka work harmoniously to solve them. Witness an action-packed demo, showing just how easy it is to go from events to blazing-fast analytics, and how to use powerful features of both systems that help you do this at scale.


Neha Pawar

Neha Pawar is a Founding Engineer at StarTree (, which aims to democratize data for all users by providing real-time, user-facing analytics. Prior to this, she worked at LinkedIn in the Data Analytics Infrastructure org for 5 years. She is passionate about big data technologies, distributed systems and real-time analytics databases. Neha is an Apache Pinot PMC and Committer. She has made impactful contributions to Apache Pinot. She actively fosters the growing Apache Pinot community.