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Demystifying Event-Driven Architectures with Apache Kafka

Event-Driven Architectures (EDA ) are perceived as mythical objects that instantly transform your systems into "real-time" ones! BUT, come to think of it, aren't they already "real-time"? I mean, adding an item to the cart is pretty much instant in ( most ) webshops.

In fact, EDA solves an entirely different set of problems and with the help of Apache Kafka, we will walk through the (re)evolution path. Microservices are easy to get started with, but once we do, we keep stumbling across the same issues: data access, consistency, and failures ( sounds familiar? ). The solution? Patterns, patterns, patterns … You’ve probably heard about terms such as “Event Notification”, “Event-carried State Transfer”, or even “Event Sourcing”, but how can they be used to solve our problems? And more importantly, how can we use Apache Kafka to take advantage of these patterns?

I guess we will find out soon!


Bogdan Sucaciu