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Maximizing the Capabilities of Kafka – Real-Time Streaming of Event-Driven Data

Push Technology, a verified gold technology partner, developed the Diffusion Kafka Adapter to meet the evolving requirements of the Kafka community. Diffusion is an Intelligent Event-Data Platform. Using Push’s Kafka Adapter, developers extend Kafka solutions efficiently and securely over the Internet, streaming real-time, event-driven data to millions of end-user apps and IoT devices. The adapter automatically maps Kafka message types to JSON, allowing web, mobile, and IoT clients to securely consume the data stored as rich data structures within Kafka. The adapter enables developers to configure how imported topics are structured, and to import topics that match a regular expression. The adapter can translate data from Kafka topics to Diffusion topics, and from Diffusion to Kafka. The adapter is designed it to make it quick and easy to integrate Kafka with Diffusion. The presentation will provide real-world examples of how the adapter is used to power Kafka in an event-driven world.

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Sanjai Marimadaiah