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Confluent Streaming Event: London 2019

Confluent Streaming Event London

Presentations Now Available

On Friday 8 November 2019 Confluent brought together the disruptors and decision-makers who are placing the event streaming platform at the heart of their business and reaping the benefits of forward-thinking. Grow your understanding of how and why today's industry leaders are using Event Streaming and Confluent at the heart of their companies.

The presentations from the Confluent streaming event are now available to access below:

Keynote: The Database Is Only Half Done - Ben Stopford, Confluent

Introducing Kafka & Stream Processing to Nationwide Building Society - Rob Jackson, Nationwide Building Society

The Good, The Bad, and The Avro - Graham Stirling, Saxo Bank and David Navalho, Marionete

Data Management & Warehousing - David Walker, ex-World Pay

Architecture Patterns for Event Streaming - Nick Dearden, Confluent

The Bridge to Cloud - Peter Gustafsson, Confluent

Relational Database Stockholm Syndrome - Neal Murray, 6 Point 6

Google Cloud and Confluent Streaming: Generating Real Value From Real Time - Ranadip Chatterjee, Google Cloud

Event Streaming: from Projects to Platform - Lyndon Hedderly, Confluent