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Set Data in Motion

Confluent is creating the foundational platform for data-in-motion. With Confluent, organizations can harness the full power of continuously flowing data to innovate and win in the modern digital world.

A new paradigm for data

Born in Silicon Valley, data in motion is becoming a foundational part of modern companies. Confluent’s cloud-native platform is designed to unleash real-time data. It acts as a central nervous system in companies, letting them connect all their applications around real-time streams and react and respond intelligently to everything that happens in their business.

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Management Team

Jay Kreps

Jay Kreps

Co-founder & CEO, Confluent

Jun Rao

Co-founder of Confluent and original co-creator of Apache Kafka®

Erica Ruliffson Schultz

President of Field Operations

Stephanie Buscemi

Chief Marketing Officer
Rohan Sivaram

Rohan Sivaram

Chief Financial Officer
Melanie Vinson

Melanie Vinson

Chief Legal Officer
Chad Verbowski

Chad Verbowski

Chief Technology Officer
Rey Perez

Rey Perez

Chief Customer Officer
Shaun Clowes

Shaun Clowes

Chief Product Officer

Mountain View Headquarters

899 West Evelyn Mountain View, CA 94041

+1 800 439 3207

Confluent Europe Ltd

1 Bedford Street London WC2E 9HG

0800 193 2101

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Board of Directors

Jay Kreps

Jay Kreps

Co-founder & CEO, Confluent

Neha Narkhede


Matt Miller

Partner, Sequoia Capital

Mike Volpi

Partner, Index Ventures

Eric Vishria

Partner, Benchmark Capital

Jonathan Chadwick

Board Member and Audit Committee Chair

Greg Schott

Board Member

Lara Caimi

Board member

Alyssa Henry

Board member

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