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SEI Investments

SEI Investments Powers Microservices Transformation with Event Streaming

When SEI Investments launched a transformation initiative three years ago, the company transitioned to an event-driven architecture based on Confluent Platform that has helped it move away from a monolithic database-oriented architecture toward a containerized services platform. This journey, explains Senior Enterprise Architect Steven Sermarini, has had several distinct phases, each one delivering more value to the business than the last:

  1. Proof of concept and auditing of data events: Capturing database operation events, triggering downstream actions, and enabling mainframe offload.
  2. Business event streams: Converting change-data-capture event streams into usable business events.
  3. Integrated streaming and streaming data delivery: Filtering data into separate client-based topics, and using Confluent Replicator to deliver that data to clients.
  4. Containerized services: Applying a modular containerized architecture based on Kubernetes to move logic out of the monolithic legacy application stack and into microservices.

As more and more events sourced from legacy monoliths are made available to component services being built in Kubernetes, SEI Investments is positioned to seize new business opportunities across the enterprise.

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Transition away from a monolithic database-oriented architecture that was slowing innovation


Use Confluent Platform and Apache Kafka® to establish a modern, event-driven architecture that enables new use cases and new business opportunities

Confluent features used

  • Confluent Platform
  • Confluent Schema Registry
  • Confluent Replicator


  • Increased project success rates
  • Decreased mainframe workloads
  • Reduced data payloads by a factor of 10 to 20
  • Securely delivered near-real-time streaming data to clients
  • Enabled decomposition of legacy systems into containerized applications
Legacy Monoithic App vs Kafka with Kubernetes

Steven Sermarini

Senior Enterprise Architect
SEI Investments

As we continue to break key functionality out of our monolith, we are opening up new possibilities for application components to integrate with other components and third-party applications. This simply would not have been possible for us before the introduction of Confluent Platform.