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Meesho Democratizes E-commerce with Real-Time Data Streaming from Confluent

Scaling was the bottleneck in our growth. But, thanks to Confluent, we’ve been able to re-architecture with ease and harness real-time data to create better, more seamless experiences for all

Alok Sharma | Director of Engineering


Meesho needed a scalable platform to handle immense growth in site traffic and demand— without increasing the operational burden for engineering teams.


The company adopted Confluent Cloud to offload the burden of manually scaling systems, expedite time to market, and give customers a personalized online buying experience.


  • Minimized operational burden to save time for engineering
  • Efficiently managed throughput bursts and enabled ease of scalability with incremental expansion
  • Teams can handle 3x the load during regular sale days with elastically scalable Confluent Cloud clusters
Meesho image

Meesho is India’s only true e-commerce marketplace, with over 140 million average active users that visit its platform annually.

After starting off as a B2B-focused reselling platform, Meesho has evolved to encompass a single ecosystem that connects millions of sellers, retailers, suppliers, and customers.

As part of its mission to democratize e-commerce, the company was experiencing substantial growth—owing in part to its transition to a B2C business model. But this immense growth was creating scaling problems, limiting bandwidth, and putting a strain on its Apache Kafka® deployment.

To cope with increased site traffic and demand, the platform needed a new systems architecture that was scalable, resilient, and agile. Meesho’s team wanted to ensure that its main focus remained on solving business and engineering problems, rather than managing its infrastructure and platform.

Today, Meesho uses Confluent Cloud to offload the burden of manually scaling systems and managing infrastructure overhead. As a result, the company can expedite time to market, minimize operational headaches, and push forward toward its mission of democratizing data.

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