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Judo Bank Kick-Starts Digital Transformation with Confluent

Confluent is a strategic platform for us. With every project we look at, we now think about how we use Confluent to move things around and join things together

Niko Bielovich | General Manager, Service Management
Judo Bank


Replace a series of point-to-point integrations and core lending platform with a new, unified system, and re-architect the foundational IT infrastructure to drive event-first thinking and event-driven principals.


Confluent Cloud for an easy, agile, holistic management of a suite of services and creation of a new CRM system and loan originator capabilities.


  • Consistent, unified system
  • Better data availability and time to market
  • Better support for microservices

Judo Bank’s journey is rapidly evolving as it works on its internal systems to make it easier to observe and manage an increasing amount of data as new customers sign up.

As a key part of its evolution, the company began to create a “service fabric” made up of point-to-point integrations that were becoming increasingly hard to deal with in light of the company’s plans to build and launch a new CRM and loan originator system.

With the help of Apache Kafka® and Confluent Cloud, Judo Bank was able to seamlessly integrate its various systems with its data platform to enable use of the new CRM, create the loan originator capabilities, and replace its core banking system with an agile foundation that will serve the company as it digitally transforms and continues to disrupt the banking world.

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