Confluent Replicator

Bridging to Cloud and Enable Disaster Recovery

Confluent Replicator actively replicates data across datacenters and public clouds.  It provides a simple and scalable solution to stream data to the cloud, provide disaster recovery (DR) protection, and manage multi-datacenter deployments of Apache Kafka®.

Why Confluent Replicator?

Confluent Replicator

Synchronize, replicate and guarantee data with uninterrupted service

  • Improve Reliability

    Easily configure and maintain cross cluster replication


    Monitor replication lag

  • Simplify Management

    Simplify management of multi-cluster replication with centralized configuration and monitoring


    Provide granular controls of replication configuration

  • Ensure Security

    Re-use and extend existing security and governance policies


    Use Kafka’s SASL with Kerberos and Active Directory


    Provide SSL encryption between datacenters

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Confluent Replicator is Enterprise-ready

Confluent delivers enterprise-ready replication capabilities that eclipses those found in open source and embedded solutions. Take a look at this quick comparison of the benefits that Confluent delivers over open source solution, MirrorMaker.


  • MirrorMaker
  • Replicator
  • Partially Supported

Data Replication

Real-time event streaming between Kafka clusters and data centers

Schema Replication

Integrate with Confluent Schema Registry for multi-dc data quality and governance

Connect Replication

Manage data integration across multiple data centers

Flexible Topic Selection

Select topics with white-lists, black-lists and regular expressions

Auto-create Topics

New topics are automatically detected and replicated

Schema Replication to Confluent Cloud

One-time schema migration from self-managed to a fully managed in Confluent Cloud

Add New Partitions

New partitions are automatically detected and replicated

Configuration Replication

Identical topic configuration between the two clusters

Single Message Transformations

Filter, modify and route events on the fly


Scale replication processes as Kafka traffic increases with a single configuration.

Active-active Replication

Redirect events to avoid infinite replication loops in active-active configurations

Aggregate Cluster

Filter, modify and route events on the fly

Control Center Integration

Manage and monitor replication via Control Center UI

How Can Confluent Replicator Help You?

Build Multi-cloud Data Pipelines

Replicator enables you to seamlessly and scalably replicate all types data to across private data centers or to the public cloud. Replicate your on-premises data to Confluent Cloud to make it available on the public cloud provider of your choice in a continuous and reliable manner. Integrate data and applications across sites, and use the best cloud services for the job, regardless of the data source.

Provide Fast, Reliable Disaster Recovery

Replicator helps automate the steps required for the disaster recovery (DR) failover and for switchback process, thereby lowering the recovery time objective (RTO). With bi-directional replication, organizations begin to take advantage of their distributed enterprise.

Protect Business Critical Metadata

Replicator creates topics as needed, preserving the topic configuration in the source cluster, including number of partitions, replication factor and any configuration overrides specified for individual topics. Replicator also copies the Confluent Schema Registry data, enabling availability of schema information in the event of a disaster recovery scenario.

Replicate at Scale

Replicator scales horizontally by running more workers to distribute the replication load. You can run more workers to increase the replication throughput, which reduces the replication lag between the source cluster and the target cluster and therefore lowers the RTO.

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