Confluent Operator

Orchestrate Apache Kafka® on Kubernetes

(Available soon) Confluent Operator automates provisioning, management and operations of the entire Confluent Platform using the Kubernetes Operator API. It operationalizes years of experience acquired by Confluent delivering the entire Confluent Platform as a fully-managed service on the leading public clouds.

Why the Confluent Operator?

Kubernetes has become the open-source standard for orchestrating containerized applications across any cloud. Confluent Operator helps organizations that have standardized on Kubernetes as their platform runtime build and operate a streaming platform based on Confluent Platform with Apache Kafka.

  • Provision in Minutes

    Simply download production-ready Docker images and provision Kafka pods in minutes. Eliminate configuration overhead with Kubernetes configuration templates.

  • Automate Like the Experts

    Scale your Kafka clusters elastically, use automated data balancing and automate rolling updates. Confluent Operator operationalizes the management best practices acquired by Confluent from years of running Kafka.

  • Run a Complete Streaming Platform

    Deploy your complete streaming platform on Kubernetes with support for the entire Confluent Platform, not just Kafka brokers and Apache ZooKeeper <sup>TM</sup>nodes.

  • Operate at Scale

    Use the same battle-tested technology that we have been using to run Confluent Cloud in production and at scale, delivering a 24×7 fully-managed streaming service with 99.95% uptime guarantee.

  • Deploy on Any Cloud

    Make your streaming platform cloud-agnostic with support for Amazon Elastic Container Service for Kubernetes (EKS), Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE), Heptio Kubernetes Subscription, Microsoft Azure Container Service (AKS), Mesosphere DC/OS, Pivotal Container Service (PKS) and Red Hat OpenShift.

  • Supported by Confluent

    Quickly resolve technical issues with 24x7x365, 1-hour response time support from the experts at operating Apache Kafka on Kubernetes in production and at scale.

Keep Me Informed

Integrating with the Kubernetes Ecosystem

Getting Started with Apache Kafka and Kubernetes

Helm Charts

Get Started Now with Helm Charts

Don’t want to wait for the fully-supported Confluent Operator? Get started now with your deployment of Confluent Platform on Kubernetes, using the open source Helm Charts developed jointly by Confluent and Pivotal. Helm Charts are community-supported configuration templates that simplify deployment of your Kafka pods on Kubernetes using official Docker images.

Download from GitHub
Deployment Guidance

Run Confluent Platform on Kubernetes Using Best Practices

Understand Kubernetes terms, concepts, considerations, helm charts, storage, traffic, log aggregation, metrics and more. Get best practices to help software developers and production operations teams with their deployment of Confluent Platform on Kubernetes

Download White Paper

Follow Guidance on How to Deploy on Kubernetes Using Helm Charts

The Reference Architecture provides a detailed architecture for deploying Confluent Platform on Kubernetes. Follow the detailed guidance provided on how to deploy on Kubernetes using the open source Helm Charts.

Download Reference Architecture

Get cloud-proven orchestration for
Apache Kafka on Kubernetes.

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