Confluent Operator

Orchestrate Apache Kafka® on Kubernetes, Across Any Cloud.

Why the Confluent Operator?

Kubernetes has become the open-source standard for orchestrating containerized applications across any cloud environment.  Deploy Kafka as a cloud-native application on Kubernetes to simplify provisioning, automate management, and minimize the operating burden of managing Kafka clusters. Make your streaming platform cloud-agnostic by delivering the entire Confluent Platform on the major Kubernetes distributions and cloud providers using one common operating model.

  • Provision in Minutes

    Simply download production-ready Docker images and provision Kafka pods in minutes. Eliminate configuration overhead with Kubernetes configuration templates.

  • Automate Cluster Management

    Provide business-critical service levels without the deep Kafka operating expertise.  Orchestrate your Kafka clusters with the Confluent Operator for Kubernetes, and operationalize the management best practices acquired by Confluent from years of running Kafka in production.

  • Complete Streaming Platform

    Deploy your complete streaming platform on Kubernetes with support for the entire Confluent Platform, not just Kafka brokers and ZooKeeper nodes.

  • Production Proven at Scale

    Use the same battle-tested technology that we have been using to run Confluent Cloud in production and at scale, delivering a 24×7 fully-managed streaming service with 99.95% uptime guarantee.

  • Any Cloud

    Make your streaming platform cloud-agnostic with support for one common operating model across any cloud. Deploy on the leading Kubernetes distributions including Amazon Elastic Container Service for Kubernetes (EKS), Google Cloud Kubernetes Engine, Heptio Kubernetes Subscription, Microsoft Azure Container Service (AKS), Mesosphere DC/OS, Pivotal Cloud Foundry  and Red Hat OpenShift.

  • Supported by Confluent

    Quickly resolve technical issues with 24x7x365, 1-hour response time support from the experts at operating Apache Kafka on Kubernetes in production and at scale.

Keep Me Informed

What Do I Need to Deploy the Confluent Operator?

Docker Images (Available for download soon)

Download and provision pre-built Docker images for the entire Confluent Platform. The Docker images have been thoroughly tested by Confluent and are production--ready.

Configuration Templates (Available for download soon)

Use Kubernetes configuration templates to simplify the configuration of your Kafka pods. The templates allow you to quickly configure stateful pods using the Kubernetes ConfigMaps, Statefulsets and Persistent Volumes abstractions.

Confluent Operator (Available for download soon)

The Confluent Operator orchestrates the Confluent Platform using the Kubernetes Operator API. It operationalizes years of experience acquired by Confluent running Kafka clusters in production.

Reference Architecture (Available for download soon)

The Reference Architecture provides users with a detailed architecture for deploying Confluent Platform on Kubernetes.

Integrating with the Kubernetes Ecosystem

Get cloud-proven orchestration for
Apache Kafka on Kubernetes.

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