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Data Streaming Awards 2023: Call for Nominations Are Now Open!

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The Data Streaming Awards is back for its second year! Designed to bring the data streaming community together, this one-of-a-kind industry award recognizes organizations that are harnessing the power of this revolutionary technology to drive business and customer experience transformation.

Winners will be announced at Current 2023. Nominations are now open and we canā€™t wait to celebrate the remarkable achievements in the data streaming industry with you!

An independent panel of judges will be choosing winners from public nominations in the following six categories, all recognizing amazing uses of data streaming technology:Ā 

  • Data Streaming Award for Innovation

  • Data Streaming Company of the Year

  • Best Individual Data Streaming System

  • Data Streaming Industry Legend Award

  • Data Streaming Startup of the Year

  • Best Company-wide Data Streaming Implementation

Find out more about each category on the Data Streaming Awards website.

How do I get nominated and nominate other companies?

Weā€™re glad you asked! You can anonymously nominate your team, your company, or a team from another company by simply filling out the submission form before the deadline on July 17.

The questions are designed to gather both technical and non-technical details of the project or team being nominated.Ā 

What are the judges looking for? Theyā€™re looking for nominations that showcase data streaming projects that are:

  • Innovative: What kind of new ideas or use cases are being implemented to further data streaming initiatives?Ā 

  • Impactful: How has the project created an impact within the company and beyond?

  • Interesting: How interesting is this project for both technical and non-technical people?

ā€œThe Data Streaming Awards 2023 are a great way to showcase the hard work that you and your colleagues put into solving today's data problems. Itā€™s a platform to showcase how data streaming has changed your business to deliver more value to customers, and get a view into what other top data streamers are doing in their organizations.ā€--Adam Bellemare, Staff Technologist at Confluentā€™s Technology Strategy Group and a Data Streaming Awards 2023 judge

Donā€™t worry if your submission doesn't quite meet the exact requirements to provide links, contact details, or other information on the form. Fill in as much as you can and email hello@datastreamingawards.io for help with the submission/nomination process!

Nominate your team, your company, or a team from another company before July 17, 2023!

Building a trusted Data Streaming Awards program

Ensuring a fair, transparent, and independent Data Streaming Awards has been top of mind for us since its inception.

And it will be no different this year. Hereā€™s how we are building transparency and trust:Ā 

  • A diverse panel of judges:

    • Our judging panel is made up of a diverse set of data streaming industry experts, including those from other data streaming vendors.

    • We will ensure that the number of Confluent-employed judges doesnā€™t exceed the number of judges from other companies on the panel.

  • Open nominations:

    • Nominations can be submitted by anyone and everyone!

    • Companies will have the opportunity to promote nominations to their employees and communities to ensure a wide variety of entrants.

  • Selecting winners:

    • Only the judges will be involved in choosing the winners.

    • Each judgeā€™s vote remains confidential until winners are confirmed.

A look back: Our inaugural Data Streaming Awards 2022

We had an amazing time last year at Current 2022 celebrating the winners of our first-ever Data Streaming Awards.

The data streaming community came together to recognize winners like NASA+JPL, Walmart, LinkedIn, and more, for revolutionizing the industry by implementing innovative use cases they are powering through data streaming technologies.

An equally fun experience awaits you this year. So, why wait? Start nominating today!

Note: If you have any questions about the process, please reach out to hello@datastreamingawards.io.

Nominate your team, your company, or a team from another company before July 17, 2023!

  • Joe Shore is part of the Community Team at Confluent as a Senior Community Associate. In his four years at Confluent, he has dedicated himself to running, creating, and supporting programs and initiatives which make a positive impact on developers learning Confluent and OSS technologies.

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