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Apache Kafka: Online Talk Series

Data Integration with Apache Kafka - 3 out of 6

Thursday, October 27, 2016

10:00am PT | 1:00pm ET | 7:00pm CET

Recording Time: Streaming Data Integration with Apache Kafka - 3 of 6

A stream processing platform is not an island unto itself; it must be connected to all of your existing data systems, applications, and sources. In this talk we will provide different options for integrating systems and applications with Apache Kafka, with a focus on the Kafka Connect framework and the ecosystem of Kafka connectors. We will discuss the intended use cases for Kafka Connect and share our experience and best practices for building large-scale data pipelines using Apache Kafka.

This is talk 3 out of 6 from the Kafka Talk Series. This was recording from October 27, 2016.


David Tucker

Director of Partner Engineering

David is a senior technologist specializing in complex deployments of enterprise software in physical and virtual environments. His experience encompasses all levels of product development and solution design across the latest Apache Hadoop and Apache Kafka technologies, as well as traditional business applications (n-tier ERP, relational and MPP databases, and others). David currently leads partner engineering initiatives at Confluent.

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Additional Resources

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