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Confluent Solutions for Business Transformation

Reimagine how you run your business and innovate with agility to stay relevant and competitive in today’s new digital era.

Don't Just Keep Up. Set the Pace!

Thrive in the world of digitization, emerge competitively stronger and unlock new ways of how you operate. Confluent helps you harness the power of your data in real-time and use it in new and inventive ways to be more nimble, flexible, fast and customer-centric.

Shift your thinking from everything-at-rest to everything-in-motion

Modernize your infrastructure for a software defined business

Reinvent your business model to drive innovation today and in the future

Confluent Addresses Your Business Transformation Challenges

Solutions by Architectural Design

Learn how to design a modern next-gen architecture based on event streams powered by Confluent.

Hybrid and Multicloud

Event Driven Microservices

Data Mesh

Solutions by Industry

Learn how to take a customer-centric data-driven approach to digital transformation and build a platform for your future


Communication Service Providers

Financial Services





Retail and eCommerce


Solutions by Use Case

Focus on use cases that unlock value to make the most of your transformation journey.

Customer 360

Data Warehouse Streaming Pipelines

Fraud Detection

Mainframe Integration

Messaging Modernization

SIEM Optimization

Streaming Data Pipelines

Cloud Database Streaming Pipelines

Use Case Recipes

Go from idea to proof-of-concept with a toolkit of code samples for the most popular stream processing use cases.

Understand user behavior with clickstream data

Build customer loyalty schemes

Retrain a machine learning model

Detect a slow DDoS attack

Integrate legacy messaging systems with Kafka

Modernize and offload mainframe data

Enrich orders with change data capture

Create geolocation-based alerts and promotions

Create personalized (banking) promotions

Optimize omni-channel inventory

Track order shipments in real time

Automate instant payment verifications

Customer Success Stories

Credit Suisse Logo

"With the ability to combine real-time results with historical events, Confluent is leading the charge in helping enterprises discover new services and modernize existing ones with the power of event streaming."

David Patten
Chief Information Officer

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