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10 Ways Data Streaming Transforms Financial Services

Learn how financial firms are leveraging the power of real-time data streaming to drive personalized customer experiences, proactively mitigate fraud and cyber risk, modernize payments, and much more.

Real World Real-Time Use Cases for Confluent in Financial Services

Check out 10 ways Confluent is transforming financial services firms.

Real World Real-Time Use Cases for Confluent in Financial Services

How Confluent Can Help

Deliver Rich Customer Experiences. Mitigate Business Risk. Future-Proof for Scale.

Fraud detection and prevention

By combining structured transactional data (e.g., funds transfer amount) with unstructured contextual data (e.g., geolocation) via real-time events and historical data, Confluent can help organizations maintain a ‘fraud threat score’ for every user which can be updated continuously and shared across every application, system, or team that needs it.

Cybersecurity and regulatory compliance

Capture and aggregate all structured and unstructured data for centralized management, to identify real-time threats, and to filter appropriate data for downstream analysis with specialized tools for security incident and event management (SIEM). Aggregate data across various lines of business, validate and conform to reporting standards. Build a centralized compliance hub to adhere to various regulatory requirements.

Real-time trading data platform

Develop an event-driven trading data architecture that supports the volume, velocity and variety your trading needs demand. In a battle-tested enterprise-grade platform. Stream market data and trading applications feeds for a single real-time point of view of all trading operations activity, from wherever your data is: remote to trading desk; exchange floor to colocation facility; cloud to anywhere.

Hyper-personalized customer experiences

Consolidate data from legacy siloed systems (e.g. mainframes, RDBMs) across different lines of business (retail, capital markets, mortgage, etc.) to get a complete unified view of customers. Build and maintain a real-time customer state vector system which keeps a record of every interaction for every customer in addition to learned contextual information about those customers. Applied to financial services, this concept can be used to match customers to products and services and serve up the best possible content almost all of the time.

Trusted by Leading Financial Services Organizations

Including the top 10 US banks and 5 of the top 10 global banks

To stay relevant, you’re rapidly evolving to match the pace of disruption by digital-native challengers. Yet, legacy data infrastructures are holding you back. They are slow, complex, expensive, and impede modernization, regulatory compliance, and growth in your business.

Confluent delivers a data in motion platform based on Apache Kafka® to empower you to easily access data as real-time streams, unlock legacy data, and integrate data silos. This enables you to build innovative applications faster and meet the most stringent compliance requirements.

Why Customers Love Confluent



“You have real-time data: stock prices, things that are ticking. You have data that's pretty static: terms and conditions, things like that. And then you have data that's updating periodically: things like position updates. If you can use a tool like Kafka to pull all that data together and combine it in ways that you display to end users—whether they be traders, salespeople, managers—and you provide them analytics across that data, it's extremely powerful.”

Leon Stiel, Director, Citigroup

Industry Recognition

Industry Compliance

From the original creators of Apache Kafka, Confluent provides a data in motion platform with powerful enterprise features that enable financial services organizations to comply with the following regulatory requirements.

MiFiD 2 and MiFIR
Open Banking

Why Confluent?

Leverage every data source across your firm to connect with your customers on a highly personalized level, retain their trust, and boost your profitability and market share.

Enhance Developer Innovation

Launch new services and features faster by building, testing, and deploying new microservices without risk to applications running in production. A decoupled architecture allows your developers to reliably use the most recent data (e.g., trial a spending analytics feature on a mobile payments app) to optimize testing which can result in reduced development time and costs

Operation Resiliency at Scale

Maintain streaming data platform uptime and enable consistency of guaranteed messaging order during data volume spikes (Confluent’s “exactly once” feature will ensure transactions such as fund transfers aren’t replicated). A robust architecture ensures high performance and scalability as data streaming volume, velocity, and variety grows through your organization.

Interoperability and Integration

Free your data sources locked in legacy architecture or business silos and stream data across the business in real time. You have the flexibility to deploy on-premises, in your public or hybrid cloud, from bare metal to Kubernetes, or leverage a fully managed, cloud-native service with Confluent Cloud.

Leverage Untapped Data in Analytics

Harness complex data from a variety of applications and services to power more sophisticated big data analytics (such as risk management or stress testing models) and make intelligent, time-critical business decisions to improve customer experience.

Manage Data Governance

Stream, process, and store data in compliance with regional regulatory requirements and customer SLAs from one seamless, highly secure enterprise-grade platform. Whether that’s creating an appropriate system of record for FINRA or complying with the latest ISO 20022 standards.

Fully Managed by Data Streaming Pioneers for Lower TCO

Built and managed by the original creators of Kafka, get support from the world’s foremost Kafka experts who will guide development as applications are built out to support your mission-critical initiatives. With usage-based billing in Confluent Cloud, you only pay for what you use.


Explore Common Use Case Recipes

Go from idea to proof-of-concept with a toolkit of code samples for the most popular use cases in the financial services industry.

Automate Payment Verifications

Create Personalized Banking Promotions

Integrate and Offload Mainframe Data

Enrich Orders with Change Data Capture (CDC)

Analyze Customer’s Online Journey

Detect and Analyze SSH Attacks

Create Geolocation Alerts and Promotions