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OutSystems Powers Reliable, Low-Code AppDev With Streaming Data Pipelines

"Confluent Cloud has become a vital service for us—the 100% availability and uptime have significantly benefited both our organization and our valued customers."

Ambarish Kumar | Manager–Data Platform


Ensuring the company’s high-performance low-code app development platform could deliver speed to market, reliable service, and real-time insights for small business and enterprise customers


Implemented declarative, developer-oriented, and governed streaming data pipelines with Confluent Cloud, unlocking real-time observability and analytics for internal developers and product users—resulting in a more reliable and user-friendly experience for customers


  • ~20% reduction in operational costs and up to two full-time employees focusing on product and operational work instead of managing Kafka
  • Met its data platform’s internal 99.95% target SLA and brought actual uptime to 100%
  • Built reliable streaming data pipelines to power real-time observability and customer 360 capabilities

Bringing one of the first low-code platforms to market in 2001, OutSystems revolutionized the high-performance application development platform space. And today, its platform serves customers in 87 countries and across 22 industries.

As the application platform market has grown more crowded and competitive, the company has kept pace by continually modernizing its approach to providing observability for dev users, which requires data integration and getting real-time data to the right place. To meet customer demand for the ability to monitor and troubleshoot in real time, OutSystems needed to make data streaming a central part of its data strategy.

Find out how building streaming data pipelines on Confluent Cloud has helped OutSystems cut operational costs, improve the customer experience, and unlock innovation and developer productivity.

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