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Simplified setup for observability metrics and third-party monitoring integrations

The new Metrics setup within Confluent Cloud provides an easy means of exploring and setting up all of the data streaming metrics supported by the Metrics API. You’ll find a library of options for setup covering your Kafka cluster(s), connectors, ksqlDB, schema registry, and more. Prefer to monitor your data streams elsewhere? No problem. This interface will also walk you through how to leverage our first-class integrations with tools such as Datadog and Prometheus.


Programmatically manage API Key lifecycles

The API Keys REST API allows you to programmatically manage and automate the lifecycle of your Confluent Cloud credentials with controls to create, list, describe, update, and delete API keys. Currently available for Cloud and Kafka API keys, this completely revamped API key management service allows for development of end-to-end provisioning flows through the Confluent Terraform Provider (preview) or your own automation tools.


RBAC at the Kafka resource level and more within our Q2 Launch

The Q2 Launch for Confluent Cloud was packed full of new features that make it easier for businesses to ensure compliance and privacy at scale, connect their business-critical Oracle database with streaming data infrastructure, and unify observability. Check out the announcement materials to learn about RBAC updates, Oracle CDC source connector, Metrics API expansion, our new 99.99% uptime SLA, and more!


Customize your account notifications from Confluent

Manage notification subscriptions within Confluent Cloud to ensure you always stay up-to-date on important communications covering your account, service alerts, billing updates, and more. Real-time notifications (e.g., “cluster expansion complete”) can be set up based upon severity level and are available to send through email, webhooks, Slack, and Microsoft Teams integrations.


Google Cloud Storage Source Connector

Confluent Cloud’s library of fully managed connectors continues to expand with the new Google Cloud Storage (GCS) source connector. Available alongside our existing GCS sink connector, the new source connector can read data from any type of file naming convention listed under a GCS bucket—meaning, the filenames in the bucket don’t have to be in a specific format. The connector can read data in any supported file format including JSON, Avro, and Byte Array.

Check out our entire portfolio of 60+ fully managed source & sink connectors.


Search by tags within Stream Catalog

Unable to find what you’re looking for? Now updated with the ability to search by tags, Stream Catalog increases your productivity with self-service data discovery across your entire Confluent Cloud instance. Input of a tag or classification name (e.g., “PII” or “Staging”) within your global search bar gives a quick return of all schemas and fields tagged with that name.


New ksqlDB recipe: Real-time clickstream analysis

This ksqlDB clickstream analysis tutorial will teach you how to measure key statistics on website visitor activity over a given time frame, such as how many pages they are viewing, how long they’re engaging with your site, and more. No expertise required: You’ll follow a step-by-step recipe within Confluent Cloud that walks you through everything necessary to stand up this powerful use case including environment setup, ksqlDB stream processing code, data export, and more.

Development Resources

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Learning Events

Current 2022, The Next Generation of Kafka Summit

Join us October 4-5 in Austin, TX for the first-ever data streaming industry event at Current 2022: The Next Generation of Kafka Summit. Here you’ll be able to immerse yourself in all things real-time data with peers, industry analysts, expert speakers, and more. Current captures the fast-moving data streaming movement, bringing this broad community together for learning, sharing, and networking to help you unlock the most value from your data. See you there!

Weekly Live Labs: Hands-on training with an Apache Kafka expert

Join a live, hands-on training lab and learn how you can set your data in motion with Confluent Cloud. Within each session, you’ll build an end-to-end data pipeline with a cloud-native cluster, perform real-time data transformations and enhancements leveraging sample data, and connect your Confluent Cloud cluster to external sources with fully managed connectors. Events are planned for AWS, Google Cloud, and Azure.

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