Learn why thousands of companies use Apache Kafka®

First developed at LinkedIn by the founders of Confluent, Apache Kafka is now leveraged by over 80% of the Fortune 100 to fuel real-time, data-driven backend operations and rich front-end experiences.

Kafka Use Cases

Kafka Use Cases

Kafka Use Cases

Kafka Quick Start Guide

Kafka Quick Start Guide

Kafka 101 Course

Kafka 101 Course

Kafka Definitive Guide

Kafka Definitive Guide

Confluent is so much more than Apache Kafka®

Used by over 70% of the Fortune 500, Apache Kafka has become the foundational platform for data in motion, but self-supporting the open source project puts you in the business of managing low-level data infrastructure. That’s why modern businesses choose Confluent, so they can keep their focus where it matters. With Kafka at its core, Confluent offers a more complete, cloud-native platform to set your data in motion, available everywhere your data and applications reside.

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Build, deploy, and innovate faster with Confluent

Set your data in motion while avoiding the headaches of infrastructure management and focus on what matters most: your business. With Confluent you get the industry’s only fully managed, cloud-native, and complete service for connecting and processing all of your real-time data, everywhere it needs to be.


Apache Kafka, fully managed and re-architected to harness the power of the cloud


Go way beyond Kafka to build real-time apps quickly, reliably, and securely


Maintain flexibility with deployments across clouds and on-premises that sync in real-time

Mastering Kafka Streams and ksqlDB

Stream processing has never been a more essential programming paradigm

Designing Event-Driven Systems

Concepts and Patterns for Streaming Services with Apache Kafka

Event-Driven Microservices Architecture

Event-driven microservices allow for real-time microservices communication

Set Your Data in Motion with Confluent and Apache Kafka®

Learn how Confluent, Kafka, and event streaming fit into your business

Ready to work with real-time data? Find a place to start.

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