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Online Talk

The Rise of Real-Time Event-Driven Architecture

Moderated by Gnanaguru Sattanathan (Guru), Systems Engineer at Confluent Asia Pacific, this Online Talk looks at the major shift happening in how data powers the core of a company's business.

Businesses operate in real-time and the software they use is catching up. Rather than processing data only at the end of the day, enterprises are seeking to react to it continuously as the data arrives.

This is the emerging world of stream processing. Apache Kafka® was built with the vision to become the central nervous system that makes data available in real-time to all the applications that need to use it.

This talk explains how companies are using the concepts of events and streams to transform their business to meet the demands of this digital future and how Apache Kafka® serves as a foundation to streaming data applications.

Guru will introduce a video talk by Confluent’s Tim Berglund, Sr. Director of Developer Experience, during which he will then be available for a Q&A session.

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Tim Berglund

Sr. Director of Developer Experience

Tim Berglund is a teacher, author, and technology leader with Confluent, where he serves as the Senior Director of Developer Experience. He can frequently be found at speaking at conferences in the United States and all over the world. He is the co-presenter of various O’Reilly training videos on topics ranging from Git to Distributed Systems, and is the author of Gradle Beyond the Basics. He tweets as @tlberglund, blogs very occasionally at, is the co-host of the podcast, and lives in Littleton, CO, USA with the wife of his youth and their youngest child, the other two having mostly grown up.

Gnanaguru (Guru) Sattanathan

Systems Engineer

Gnanaguru (Guru) Sattanathan is a Systems Engineer at Confluent. He focuses on helping enterprises to bring up Fast Data platforms that can process real-time events at a scale. His experience includes implementing IoT solutions & Real-time data platforms for enterprises across diverse industry verticals.

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