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Confluent Cloud

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


What is Confluent Cloud?

Confluent Cloud is the industry's only cloud-native service for data in motion. Harness the full power of Apache Kafka¬ģ while avoiding the headaches of infrastructure management. Focus on what matters: your business. Confluent Cloud is a complete, cloud-native service for connecting and processing all of your data, everywhere it‚Äôs needed.

How can I get started with Confluent Cloud?

You can sign up at https://confluent.cloud/signup. For integrated billing with AWS, GCP or Azure, you can sign up directly through either the GCP marketplace or the Azure marketplace. After you sign up, you can get an introduction to the web UI and the Confluent Cloud CLI to manage clusters and topics by following the Quick Start Guide.


How can I get access to technical support?

To upgrade from Free to one of our support plans that offer technical support, such as Developer and Business, you can sign up directly within the Confluent Cloud web UI. With one of our technical support plans, you can get assistance from the world’s foremost Apache Kafka experts with over 1 million hours of expertise. For more information about our plans visit our support page.

Pricing & Billing

How is my monthly bill calculated?

As part of our usage based pricing, Confluent Cloud monthly bills are based on your consumption of resources within your cloud organization. Discounts based on usage are available with annual commitments. Learn more.

What are annual commitments?

Confluent Cloud offers the ability to make a commitment to a minimum amount of spend. This commitment gives you access to discounts and provides the flexibility to use this commitment across the entire Confluent Cloud stack, including any Kafka cluster type, ksqlDB, Connect and Support. With self-serve provisioning and expansion, you have the freedom to consume only what you need from a commitment at any point in time. For more information about annual commitments, contact us.

Try Free

How can I get up to $400 in free Confluent Cloud usage?

To get up to $400 off Confluent Cloud, you have to sign up for a Confluent Cloud account. New signups receive $400 to spend within Confluent Cloud during their first 30 days.

How much can I get in free usage?

You will get up to $400 deducted from your Confluent Cloud monthly statements during your first 30 days following signup.

What can I use the free usage on?

You get access to all of Confluent Cloud, including Apache Kafka as a fully managed, cloud-native service and all other fully managed components including source/sink connectors, stream processing with ksqlDB, a suite of stream governance tools, and more. Free usage may also be applied to Confluent Support.

What happens if I use less than $400 in my first 30 days?

You will be billed $0 for any monthly statement within your first 30 days if total spend is less than $400. Any of the remaining $400 usage discount expires at the end of the 30-day period. To see your balance for each month, please visit the Billing & payment in the Confluent Cloud UI after you have signed up.

As an existing Confluent Cloud user, can I also get up to $400 free usage?

This promotion only applies to new signups.

After I sign up, how do I cancel my account?

You can email cloud-support@confluent.io to generate a support ticket. In the case that you used up all the credits, to prevent any charges from the time you send the email to the time the account is deleted, please be sure to stop all usage including writing, reading or storing data in Confluent Cloud.

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