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Pasa de monolitos a los microservicios event-driven

Desacopla completamente tu arquitectura y elimina las dependencias entre servicios para que los desarrolladores puedan crear lógica empresarial más rápidamente. Crea una nueva clase de microservicios event-driven que sean altamente escalables, resilientes en diseño y sensibles al contexto.

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Challenges with Monoliths and Microservices

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Software applications are the secret sauce of success for modern businesses today. But legacy applications in the past, despite having a logical modular design, were built as a large monolith with a single code base, sharing access to a single database and deployed as a single unit. While this approach worked a decade ago, this kind of tightly coupled architecture has many drawbacks in today’s environment where agile development to accelerate continuous innovation is critical to competitive success.

These challenges with monolithic applications resulted in organizations adopting a microservices architecture but as is so often the case, new technologies that solve problems in one area introduce new problems in others. And these problems with REST APIs and Message Queues, used for inter-service communication are not dissimilar to the challenges from monoliths.

These challenges include slow release/update cycles for new features, a lack of reliability and scale, as well as high operational costs and mounting technical debt.

Cómo puede ayudar Confluent

Confluent, se creó sobre Apache Kafka, permite una nueva clase de microservicios event-driven al desacoplar completamente los servicios entre sí, y sirve como columna vertebral de datos para tus aplicaciones de event-streaming. Como resultado, las organizaciones pueden crear e implementar rápidamente aplicaciones cloud-native de última generación con mayor flexibilidad a escala y ser más receptivas a las demandas de los clientes. Implementa en on-prem, en cloud o en ambos, con diversos marcos de implementación.

Increase Developer Velocity

Eliminate the operational hassles for cluster management, so your developers can spend more time building applications. Remove dependencies between systems with a completely decoupled architecture and standardized schemas. Build and scale stateful services and real-time stream processing applications, faster using familiar SQL syntax.

Build Highly Reliable and Fault Tolerant Microservices

Facilitate easy data access so each team has access to the right data at the right time for their specific needs. Eliminate slowdown and outages due to slow consumers. Meet regulatory needs by saving trusted, high-quality data for as long as your business needs.

Reduce Technical Debt and Operational Costs

Incrementally modernize from monoliths to microservices to reduce the operational costs of running legacy applications. Migrate your supporting data infrastructure at your own pace to a modern event-driven architecture. All with no downtime or business disruption.

¿Por qué elegir Confluent para los microservicios event-driven?

Confluent Cloud: Massive Scale Without the Operational Overhead

Eliminate the operational hassles for cluster management with a fully managed cloud-native service that can elastically scale between 0-100MBps. Work in the language of your choice including Java, C, Node.js, Ruby, Go, .NET, or Python.

Schema Registry: Eliminate Inter-Service Bottlenecks and Dependencies

Eliminate inter-service bottlenecks and dependencies so developers can seamlessly connect to any data system while maintaining schema compatibility, version control, and quality assurance.

KsqlDB: Launch Cloud-Native Streaming Applications Within Days

Regardless of whether your services need local state or not, a streaming platform using ksqlDB provisions for both, with an ability to create materialized views using event sourcing and simple SQL based syntax.

Infinite Storage and Multi-Region Clusters: No Limits Storage for Data at Scale

Build a system of record for systems and applications while eliminating slowdown due to slow or offline consumers. Build multi-datacenter, multi-region and hybrid cloud deployments for high availability and disaster recovery scenarios.

Stream Governance: The Industry's Only Fully Managed Suite for Event Streams

Discover, understand, and trust your event streams with Stream Catalog, Stream Quality and Stream Lineage, while offloading the management to Confluent.

Fully Managed Connectors: Modernize Legacy Applications Incrementally

Instantly connect to any legacy system with a rich ecosystem of 120+ fully managed connectors including CDC, JMS, and JDBC connectors. Incrementally migrate data from monoliths to microservices to modernize legacy applications with no business disruption.

Explore Common Use Case Recipes

Go from idea to proof-of-concept with a toolkit of code samples for the most popular use cases

Detect Unusual Credit Card Activity

Enrich orders with change data capture

Build customer loyalty schemes

Crea alertas y promociones geolocalizadas

Why Customers Love Confluent


eBay Korea

“Using Confluent-designed microservices has allowed us to cut our go-to-market time in half. Confluent plays a pivotal role in delivering messages between microservices-based applications and connecting all our services as a core foundation.”

Hudson Lee, Platform Engineering Leader, eBay Korea

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