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Confluent for Automotive

Hit the accelerator and kick your digital transformation into the next gear. Set data in motion and power smart cars, connected supply chain, and personalized consumer experience.

Modernización de la industria automotriz

The traditional automotive business model is being challenged by fast-changing customer needs, autonomous and self-driving vehicles, pervasive connectivity, and environmental regulations. Data is key to your success but your legacy data infrastructure is slow, complex, and hinders transformation.

Confluent’s data in motion platform empowers organizations in the automotive industry to easily access data as real-time streams, unlock legacy data, and integrate data silos.

Cómo puede ayudar Confluent

Reinventa la experiencia del cliente. Potencia la interacción digital. Impulsa la eficiencia. Prepárate para el futuro a escala.

Personalized Customer Experiences

Use real-time information (e.g. traffic, weather, calendar, parking availability) to deliver personalized customer experiences in and out of the vehicle by personalizing in-vehicle and mobile applications. Re-engage in a timely manner by sending notifications to cross-sell and upsell relevant services. Consolidate data from various disjoined systems to get a complete unified view of customers to provide enhanced dealership and customer contact center experiences.

Autonomous Vehicle Development

Perform data analytics in the car by analyzing data from various sensors in real-time on the edge. Accelerate development of autonomous driving features by aggregating data from multiple cars and analyzing big data sets in real-time. Ingest data and apply machine learning models at scale for predictions in real-time and model training.

Connected Vehicle

Offer personalized premiums based on usage by collecting data in real-time. By collecting and analyzing vehicle usage and location data in real-time, enable usage-based car rentals. Ingest data from various sources to perform real-time tracking and management of fleet enabling new business models such as ride-sharing, delivery tracking, logistics, etc. Analyze real-time data in the car to perform remote diagnostics and alert customers for predictive maintenance.

Smart Supply Chain and Smart Factory

Ensure inventory is updated in real-time by connecting all systems and applications across the supply chain (warehouse, trucks, factory, and storage) to have a real-time inventory of all parts for manufacturing facilities and dealers. Increase insight and visibility into operations by collecting data from various IoT devices and analyzing in real-time to detect problems early. Perform predictive maintenance, be proactive, not reactive and reduce downtime.

Explore Common Use Case Recipes

Go from idea to proof-of-concept with a toolkit of code samples for the most popular use cases in the automotive and transportation industries.

Optimize Fleet Management

Notify Passengers of a Flight Delay

Create Geolocation Alerts and Promotions

Track Order Shipments in Real-Time

Reconocimiento del sector

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Por qué elegir Confluent

Acelera el desarrollo de aplicaciones, reduce la carga operativa y los costes, agiliza el cambio hacia cloud e impulsa tus negocios.

Productividad de los desarrolladores sin restricciones

Democratiza Kafka para un mayor número de desarrolladores y acelera el ritmo con el que creen aplicaciones de event streaming.

Operaciones eficientes a escala

Minimize operational complexity while ensuring high performance and scalability as data streaming grows through your organization.

Requisitos previos a la fase de producción

Diseña una plataforma con los atributos fundamentales de nivel empresarial necesarios para implementar event streaming en producción.

Freedom of Choice

Deploy Confluent on any cloud, on-premises, or at the edge.

Experiencia liderada por committers

Construido por los creadores originales de Kafka. Obtén tu Soporte Oro con los principales expertos en Kafka del mundo, que trabajan directamente con los Kafka committers para ayudarte en el ciclo de vida del desarrollo de aplicaciones.

Ahorra tiempo y dinero

Reduce la carga de la gestión de Kafka, ahorra en hardware y ajusta automáticamente la infraestructura para maximizar la eficiencia y el valor de negocio central.

Why Auto Manufacturers Love Kafka

Deutsche Bahn Auto

Deutsche Bahn

Deutsche Bahn delivers reliable travel information to millions with Confluent Platform