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Confluent for Gaming

Set data in motion to power real-time game experiences your players love.

This digital movement caused a global mindset shift in game development analytics with organizations doubling down on improving the gaming experience and creating new monetization strategies. A hit game can produce billions of events per day. Embedded within those data points are insights that can transform the game into a sustainable long-term success.

Confluent delivers a data in motion platform based on Apache Kafka® to empower you to easily access data as real-time streams to help you build better games faster, create an immersive and engaging gaming experience and scale your games to match global player demands.

Cómo puede ayudar Confluent

Build Immersive and Engaging Experiences with In-game Telemetry

Analyze how your player interacts with the game and other players with real-time in-game telemetry. Analyze player sentiment in real time to adjust critical elements of the game and adjust gameplay. Continuously process data in real time to build leaderboards, analyze player profiles and personalize experience with loyalty programs and incentives.

Increase Monetization with Real-time Insights

Offer in-game purchases of game-related assets in real time with in-game advertising and cross-promotions. Combine data across all your systems and game telemetry and integrate with 3rd-party providers to provide a seamless integrated user experience for billing and payments.

Detect Fraud and Mitigate Cyber Risk in Real Time

Aggregate data to analyze risk factors and patterns and power machine learning algorithms in real time to detect fraudulent activity, fake profiles or abusive behavior. Integrate into modern cloud-based services for data visualization and reporting.

Enable Real-time Monitoring and Notifications

Stay on top of crucial metrics that ensure the performance and reliability of your critical gaming infrastructure and applications. Prevent gameplay issues such as slow load times with real-time insights. Integrate with your 3rd-party monitoring and analytics tools for real-time dashboards and visualizations to ensure 24/7 operations.

Simplify Infrastructure Complexity with a Fully Managed Cloud Service

Elastically scale your game to global audiences with a cutting-edge platform delivered as a fully managed service on any cloud of your choice, so you can focus on building better games faster.

Por qué elegir Confluent

Acelera el desarrollo de aplicaciones, reduce la carga operativa y los costes, agiliza el cambio hacia cloud e impulsa tus negocios.

Productividad de los desarrolladores sin restricciones

Democratiza Kafka para un mayor número de desarrolladores y acelera el ritmo con el que creen aplicaciones de event streaming.

Operaciones eficientes a escala

Minimiza la complejidad operativa al tiempo que garantizas un alto rendimiento y escalabilidad a medida que crece el streaming de datos en tu empresa.

Requisitos previos a la fase de producción

Diseña una plataforma con los atributos fundamentales de nivel empresarial necesarios para implementar event streaming en producción.

Freedom of Choice

Deploy Confluent on any cloud, on-premises, or at the edge.

Experiencia liderada por committers

Construido por los creadores originales de Kafka. Obtén tu Soporte Oro con los principales expertos en Kafka del mundo, que trabajan directamente con los Kafka committers para ayudarte en el ciclo de vida del desarrollo de aplicaciones.

Ahorra tiempo y dinero

Reduce la carga de la gestión de Kafka, ahorra en hardware y ajusta automáticamente la infraestructura para maximizar la eficiencia y el valor de negocio central.

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