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Confluent for Communication Service Providers

CSPs rely on evolving infrastructure to innovate on services and new business models, and keep up with customer demands for speedier data connectivity and content delivery. Confluent helps you meet and exceed expectations by streaming and processing real-time data at scale to improve telco workloads and time to market.

Real-Time Data Beats Slow Data

With Confluent's data streaming platform, you can harness the value of real-time data, from numerous sources streaming across your enterprise, to build rich digital front-end customer experiences and transition to real-time backend operations.

Unlock new revenue streams, deliver personalized customer experiences, limit churn, and reduce operating expenses with a future-proof data architecture built to process real-time data at scale.

Por qué elegir Confluent

Crea una base de datos flexible y escalable centrada en el streaming para que tus productos de datos sean continuamente interoperables en tiempo real para cualquier caso de uso.

Crea productos de datos reutilizables

Combina datos desde cualquier lugar con una arquitectura event-driven desacoplada e inmutable y un procesamiento in-stream

Una mayor velocidad para cualquier carga

Escala tus operaciones para gestionar fácilmente billones de mensajes al día sin sacrificar el rendimiento ni el tiempo de actividad

Elimina inconsistencias en los datos

Mantén los contratos de datos, evita duplicaciones y garantiza la coherencia sin pérdida de datos

A punto para la IA

Entrena modelos de machine learning con datos en streaming constante y en tiempo real para que tus aplicaciones puedan responder a cada evento de forma inteligente y en función del contexto

Gobierna los datos de forma integral

Tanto si estás creando un sistema de registro para FINRA como si cumples las normas ISO 20022, garantiza la integridad y confidencialidad de los datos en movimiento

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Trusted by the World’s Leading CSPs

Data in motion is used by the top CSPs for a wide variety of use cases.

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Technology customer - Netflix
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Use Cases with Confluent

Unlock new revenue streams. Reimagine customer experiences. Modernize your OSS stack. Future-proof for scale.

Deliver Omnichannel Experiences and Reduce Customer Churn

Combine data from your mobile, fixed line, broadband, streaming business and social feeds to build a customer 360 view and offer personalized offers and promotions. Act at the right time with the right next best offer to reduce churn.

Build a Platform for Connected Cars and Smart Cities

Collect and run analytics on IoT sensor and device data from connected vehicles. Improve traffic congestion and reduce vehicle emissions with real-time routing services and smart traffic management systems.

Innovate New Revenue Streams Using 5G, the Edge, and the Cloud

Integrate and process data at the edge from audio, video, and sensor feeds using 5G, and build data pipelines for analytics. Provide differentiated experiences based on augmented reality, location-based services and real-time notifications to customers.

"Kafka is the right solution for us. It’s the de facto standard for streaming analytics, and it gives us massive horizontal scalability in a multi-tenanted environment. Confluent meets our high standards for compliance, security, and resiliency. We confidently selected Kafka to address our mission-critical customer requirements."

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