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Confluent for E-commerce & Retail

Leverage the power of data in motion to build the next-generation retail experience. Deliver delightful omni-channel customer experiences, improve customer engagement, and achieve data-driven operations.

Making Real-Time Customer Experiences a Reality

Retailers need access to real-time data across the organization in order to reimagine customer experiences and drive operational efficiencies through innovation and digital transformation. However, legacy data architecture can’t meet today’s need for speed, flexibility, and innovation.

Confluent enables you to harness the value of data in motion by easily processing real-time streams and integrating your data silos to build real-time business applications and deliver seamless, personalized customer experiences.

Why Confluent

Build a flexible and scalable data foundation, centered around streaming, to make your data products continuously interoperable in real-time for any use case.

Build reusable data products

Combine data from anywhere with a decoupled, immutable event-driven architecture and in-stream processing

Stay fast at any load

Scale your operations to effortlessly to handle trillions of messages per day with no compromise to performance or uptime

Eliminate data inconsistencies

Maintain data contracts, prevent duplicates and guarantee consistency with zero data loss

Get AI-ready

Train ML models with real-time data that’s always streaming so your applications can act on every event with context and intelligence

Govern data end-to-end

Whether you’re creating a system of record for FINRA or complying with ISO 20022 standards, ensure integrity and confidentiality of data in motion

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Trusted by the World’s Leading Retail and E-commerce Enterprises

Confluent is used by 9 of the top 10 largest US retailers for a variety of use cases.

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Use Cases with Confluent

Reimagine customer experiences. Engage digitally. Drive efficiencies. Future-proof for scale.

Real-Time Omni-channel Inventory Management

Keep inventory updated in real time by connecting all systems and applications across physical stores, e-commerce, and warehouses. Providing real-time stock availability, increase order capture and order fulfillment, and enact dynamic price changes.

Personalized Recommendations and Real-Time Offers

Personalize customer experiences by analyzing past spending and browsing habits. Present targeted and contextualized information to customers. Send offers, coupon codes in real time to increase sales and reduce cart abandonment.

Customer 360 and Omni-Channel Experiences

Consolidate data from disjointed systems to get a complete unified view of customers. Send notifications and respond to customer requests in real time across communication channels (web, mobile, call center, etc.). Enhance the experience of loyal members with timely engagement.

"Using Kafka and Confluent, Walmart has initiated a digital transformation and modern omnichannel experience that allows customers to interact with Walmart.com seamlessly, order groceries online or in a mobile app, and either pick them up or have them delivered. Walmart’s investment in event streaming with Confluent has contributed to business innovation as well as company growth in the public market."

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Vice President of Engineering, Walmart
J.P. Morgan
JP Morgan Hall of Innovation
Morgan Stanley
Morgan Stanley CTO Innovation Award
Insurance industry - Bank of America award
Bank of America Recognition For Enterprise Technology Innovation
Insurance industry - Credit Suisse Disruptive Technology Award
Credit Suisse Disruptive Technology Award
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