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Ready to break up with ZooKeeper? KRaft, you had me at hello

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Experience a new era of Apache KafkaÂź with KRaft, the modern consensus protocol that eliminates the need for ZooKeeper. Rather than managing two systems, KRaft simplifies your Kafka architecture by storing metadata within Kafka itself. This means no more learning about another distributed system, administering additional servers, or maintaining a separate security configuration for ZooKeeper.

In this webinar, we will walk you through two product demos to ensure you’re ready for ZooKeeper-less Kafka: one on how to get started with KRaft and the second on how to migrate to KRaft from an existing deployment. This webinar will also include a comprehensive checklist to ensure you are fully prepared to take advantage of this new architecture in your self-managed environments.

Learn how your organization can experience a simplified, more resilient way to administer, secure, and monitor your Kafka deployments with KRaft and Confluent. Register now and explore how production-ready KRaft enables you to:

  • Scale right-sized Kafka clusters to millions of partitions to support even the most demanding throughput and latency requirements
  • Reduce management burden by simplifying Kafka’s architecture and consolidating metadata management into a single system
  • Improve reliability of Kafka and achieve up to a 10x improvement in failover performance

It’s time to experience the future of Apache Kafka without ZooKeeper.

Chase Thomas is a Group Product Manager at Confluent where he focuses on Apache Kafka. Prior to Confluent he held product roles at Splunk and at AWS Managed Streaming for Apache Kafka (MSK). He started his career building real-time instrumentation systems on dams across California. Chase has an MS-MBA from BYU and the Marriott School of Business. In his free time, you’ll find Chase fishing in the outdoors with his family.

Sophia Jiang is a Group Product Marketing Manager at Confluent, where she is responsible for leading go-to-market for key marketing campaigns and product-led growth strategies. Prior to Confluent, Sophia led GTM for retail, CPG, and manufacturing verticals at MuleSoft. Sophia has a BA in Economics and International Studies from Emory University.

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