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Confluent Partner Awards 2023

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Introducing the Confluent Partner Awards 2023: Celebrating excellence across the data streaming ecosystem.

Confluent is proud to acknowledge those who have demonstrated unparalleled innovation and commitment in harnessing the power of real-time data.

Navigating the ever-evolving world of data streaming requires collaborative efforts, and our partners have risen to the challenge. From driving transformative business solutions to implementing cutting-edge technologies, each award category reflects the diverse and impactful ways in which our partners have delivered joint customer value.

We are excited to recognize the below winners spanning global and regional categories. Join us in congratulating the recipients for an incredible 2023!

To learn more about becoming a Confluent partner, click here.

Global Categories

Global Partner of the Year – Tata Consultancy Services

Marketplace Partner of the Year – Google Cloud

Cloud Sourced Partner of the Year – Microsoft

Global ISV Partner of the Year – MongoDB

Rising Star ISV Partner of the Year – Imply

Data Growth ISV Partner of the Year (tie)



Integration ISV Partner of the Year – Startree

Enablement Partner of the Year – Accenture

Global SI Partner of the Year – Tata Consultancy Services

Rising Star SI Partner of the Year – EY

PS Partner of the Year – Psyncopate

Partner Innovative Solution of the Year – Somerford Associates

Gen AI Solution of the Year – iLink

Confluent Ambassador of the Year – Abhilash Kumar, Accenture

Regional Categories

System Integrator of the Year –

AMER: Ness

EMEA: (1) KPMG Israel (2) SBM


CoSell Partner of the Year –



APAC: Google Cloud

Partner Industry Solution of the Year –

AMER: GoodLabs, Fraud Detection Solution

EMEA: BearingPoint, Business in Motion Solution

Co-Delivery Partner of the Year –

AMER: Ness


Congratulations to all of our winners!

You can learn more about Confluent’s Partner Programs, or submit a Partner deal registration here.

  • Paul has been in the high-frequency trading, big data, and real-time streaming space for decades. He has worked on everything from ultra-low latency middleware and trading technology to compliance systems and cybersecurity. At Confluent, Paul runs the Partner & Innovation Ecosystem team globally. Customers buy Confluent because of its ecosystem, and we collectively design data in motion platforms across verticals such as financial services, retail, healthcare, and transport. Collectively we help organizations become digital-first and break Conway's law.

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