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Confluent on Azure

Apache Kafka® Optimized for Azure

Confluent and Microsoft have partnered to help businesses leverage Apache Kafka to build real-time, modern applications on Azure. Stream with confidence with enterprise-ready deployments for Apache Kafka, available as a fully managed service with Confluent Cloud and as self-managed software with Confluent Platform.

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Why Apache Kafka with Confluent?

Accelerate journey to the cloud

Migrate or extend access of valuable on-prem data to Azure cloud services with a hybrid deployment that leverages Confluent Replicator as a persistent bridge between your on-prem and cloud environments.

Derive insights from data in real-time

Ingest & process all your real-time data streams from web, mobile, and IoT for effortless consumption from on Azure data services with native integrations to Azure Blob Storage, Data Lake Gen 2, Microsoft SQL Server & more.

Increase developer agility & speed of innovation

Future proof app & data services integration for modern, decoupled apps on Azure with a complete event streaming platform that includes Apache Kafka, Schema Registry, ksqlDB and Connect.

Why Confluent on Azure?

Accelerate Time to Production

Automate the deployment of highly reliable, secure and scalable Apache Kafka clusters and stream with confidence from the start with technical support from the leading Kafka experts

Minimize Operational Costs

Enable technical teams to focus on application development instead of managing infrastructure with Kafka operations automation and proactive monitoring

Democratize Streaming Data to Developers

Provide a consistent and unified data architecture for applications across hybrid environments and effortlessly integrate all your data services with Confluent pre-built connectors

Confluent and Azure Integration

Azure Marketplace

Simplify billing and draw down on your Azure commitment when subscribing through the Azure Marketplace

Azure Active Directory

Extend user access controls to Confluent Cloud with native integration to Azure Active Directory for Single Sign-On


Effortlessly integrate your data with connectors on Azure and +120 pre-built connectors for on-prem data services

Instantly integrate your Apache Kafka clusters to Azure data stores and services with +100 pre-built connectors to prevent application development delays from building custom integrations.

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