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Fully Managed Apache Kafka on Azure

Build real-time, event-driven services and applications with a scalable, resilient, and secure data streaming solution created by the founders of Apache Kafka. Start today with $400 of free usage for 30 days, and pay as you go. No credit card necessary.


Why Confluent Cloud on Azure Marketplace?

Access Confluent Cloud with Azure Active Directory for SSO and integrated Azure billing when you subscribe through the Azure Marketplace. Confluent lets you focus more on building apps and less on managing clusters. Our solution sets your data in motion by maximizing real-time data-driven innovation and accelerates app development while reducing TCO. Available through the Azure Marketplace, Confluent Cloud offers 130+ managed connectors so that you can build real-time, event-driven applications.

With Confluent Cloud on Azure, you can:


Confluent and Azure Integration

Our cloud-native data streaming solution is designed to be the intelligent connective tissue enabling real-time data streaming, from multiple sources, to constantly stream across your organization.

Build event-driven services and applications at any scale with the fully integrated Confluent on Azure.

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NEW - Modernize Your Data Estate with Confluent’s Data Streaming Platform

Discover how modernizing your data estate with Confluent and Azure can help accelerate application development times by 75% and lower management costs by 60%.

Solution Brief

Set your data in Motion with Confluent on Azure

Set your data in motion and connect your on-prem and multi-cloud data to Azure with Confluent to power real-time analytics and applications.

Case Study

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Case Study

Bosch Power Tools Steams IoT Data with Confluent Cloud

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Modernize your Database with Confluent and Azure Cosmos DB

Learn how to connect on-premises and multi-cloud data to Azure Cosmos DB, process that data in a stream before it reaches Azure Cosmos DB, and connect your Azure Cosmos DB data to any application.


Confluent wins the 2022 Microsoft Commercial Marketplace Partner of the Year Award

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