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Confluent for Financial Services on AWS

Today, over 80% of the Fortune 100 is redefining the financial services landscape through event streaming technology. Around the world, those that capitalize on these streams of data are creating a new, powerful customer experience, seamlessly designed for regulatory uncertainty, and lowering risk in real-time while driving growth and powerful new use cases. AWS customers can accelerate their adoption of Apache Kafka with effortless deployment options with either one of Confluent’s products - Confluent Platform and Confluent Cloud - and can quickly connect to the AWS ecosystem with pre-built and fully managed integrations to AWS most popular data services.

For the most security conscious customers looking to adopt a fully managed service, Confluent Cloud has support for multiple private networking options including Private Link and customers can self-manage encryption keys for storage volume encryption with AWS Key Management Service (KMS).

Why Confluent on AWS?

Derive insights from data in real-time

Stream data into AWS data services for low-latency, real-time analytics with pre-built connectors to Amazon S3, Amazon Redshift and Amazon DynamoDB.

Increase developer agility & speed of innovation

Focus on app development with fully managed Kafka service with pre-built integrations to AWS Lambda, Amazon S3 & Amazon Kinesis.

Accelerate modernization from on-prem to AWS

Leverage +100 Confluent pre-built connectors to stream data from legacy on-prem data services to AWS without heavy lift-and-shift with a hybrid platform for Apache Kafka.

Protect Event Data

Protect event data from threats across the entire Apache Kafka® ecosystem with dedicated clusters via AWS PrivateLink in addition to existing support for AWS Transit Gateway and VPC/Vnet peering.

Confluent and AWS Integration

Some data will never leave the customers site or data center. By streaming on-premise data from mainframes, proprietary systems and/or monolithic applications to Confluent Cloud, you unlock a myriad of customer outcomes. By adding Confluent, you significantly expand the numbers of sources you can ingest data from across the suite of AWS services.

On prem visual


Case Study

Flow Disrupts Payment Processing Industry with Confluent at Its Core

As Flow began to build its unique B2B2C payment processing platform, it realized it needed a powerful, event-driven architectural foundation to manage fast streaming data and contextualize data from various sources to empower a richer, more personalized customer experience.


AWS + Confluent 1-Pager

Set your Amazon Web Services (AWS) data in motion with Confluent.


Confluent and AWS Sign Agreement to Make it Easier to Stream Real-Time Data in the Cloud

Confluent announces a Strategic Collaboration Agreement with Amazon Web Services to help organizations accelerate cloud adoption with real-time data.


Judo Bank Kick-Starts Digital Transformation with Confluent

Learn how Confluent Cloud enables Judo Bank to seamlessly integrate systems across the organization with its data platform to form an agile foundation that empowers digital transformation and banking industry disruption.