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Confluent on Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Set Your Data in Motion with Confluent on AWS

Set your data in motion and connect your on-prem and multicloud data to AWS with Confluent’s cloud-native service that powers real-time analytics and applications. Built on an open-source foundation, we’ve rearchitected Apache Kafka for the cloud to accelerate application development times by 75% and lower management costs by 60%.

Confluent is fully integrated with AWS Marketplace and services unifying management, security, and billing while helping migrate and connect data in real-time to services including Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), Amazon Redshift, Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS), Amazon DynamoDB, AWS Lambda, and more with 120+ pre-built connectors. This helps enterprises migrate and modernize their data platforms to power real-time analytics and applications to improve customer experiences and backend operations.

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Why Confluent on AWS?

Supporting your journey to AWS, no matter where you are.


See how 10X Banking is transforming Financial Services with Confluent and Amazon Web Services

Confluent and AWS Integration

Whether you are a traditional enterprise with an on-prem data footprint or a digital native, Confluent can meet you where you are on your journey to the cloud. Enterprises can migrate data to AWS with Confluent and power real-time analytics and apps on a unified data platform. This supports everything from fraud detection, predictive maintenance, to customer retention. We accelerate your journey to the cloud with a complete data in motion platform, powered by Apache Kafka.

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Features and Pricing

Scale event processing on AWS to build real-time applications and analytics faster with lower costs.


Case Study

ACERTUS Integrates Real-Time Data Across Three Distinct Businesses with Confluent Cloud

See how ACERTUS built its event-driven microservices architecture on Confluent Cloud, maximizing its efficiency and profit margin across three distinct businesses.

Press Release

Confluent and AWS Sign Agreement to Make it Easier to Stream Real-Time Data in the Cloud

Confluent announces a Strategic Collaboration Agreement with Amazon Web Services to help organizations accelerate cloud adoption with real-time data.

Case Study

Judo Bank Kick-Starts Digital Transformation with Confluent

Learn how Confluent Cloud enables Judo Bank to seamlessly integrate systems across the organization with its data platform to form an agile foundation that empowers digital transformation and banking industry disruption.


Best Practices and Use Cases for Deploying Apache Kafka on AWS with Confluent

Discover when and how to deploy Apache Kafka on your enterprise to harness your data, respond in real-time, and make faster, more informed decisions.

Case Study

Confluent solutions on AWS

Effortlessly connect to your existing data services to build real-time, event driven applications.

Case Study

Confluent Data in Motion Platform for AWS Wavelength

Unlock low latency edge processing of events from many locations/devices then aggregate your data in AWS regions for long-term data analysis or training of machine-learning models. Contact our sales team for more detail on how to deploy in your environment


Real-Time Serverless Ingestion, Streaming, and Analytics using AWS and Confluent Cloud

Learn how Confluent Cloud streams data into Amazon Timestream and helps build real-time data ingestion pipelines and analytics without managing infrastructure.

Case Study

AO.com delivers a Hyper-Personalized Retail Experience

Discover how AO.com, one of UK's largest online electrical retails, delivers personalized experiences for its customers.


Streaming Data with Confluent Cloud into Amazon Redshift

Learn how Confluent Cloud exports Avro, JSON Schema, or Protobluf data from Apache Kafka topics to Amazon Redshift.


Serverless Event Driven Architecture, Made Easier with Confluent and AWS Lambda

Watch to explore how Extend pairs Confluent's cloud-native, serverless Apache Kafka offering with AWS serverless services to build data applications and platforms that scale.