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Set your data in motion. Confluent provides the complete set of tools needed to connect and process data streams throughout your entire business in order to build smart, real-time applications.

Learn about how confluent is the most widely used tool for event-driven microservices.

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Cloud Native

We’ve completely re-architected Apache Kafka® for a modern cloud experience with elastically scaling clusters provisioned on demand, infinite storage, and a 99.99% uptime SLA. You get a serverless, cost-effective, and fully managed service allowing you to build, deploy, and innovate faster.



Confluent provides all the essential tools for a complete data streaming platform with 60+ fully managed source & sink connectors, SQL-based stream processing, the industry’s only governance suite for data in motion, enterprise-grade security controls, and much more.



Confluent is available everywhere your data and applications reside. Leverage a fully managed service on all leading public clouds, deploy self-managed software for on-premises workloads, and seamlessly connect them all together to create a consistent data layer across your entire business.

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