Confluent Platform 7.0 と Cluster Linking でクラウドへのリアルタイムブリッジを構築 | ブログを読む


Running a Real-World, Global, 24×7 Streaming Service with Kafka at the Core

Confluent Cloud™ is a fully managed streaming data service that makes running Kafka almost effortless. Confluent was founded by the original authors of Kafka. This talk will be delivered by Co-founder and CTO at Confluent, Neha Narkhede. Neha will illustrate how Confluent has operationalized Kafka expertise at scale by providing a seamless, hosted service in the Cloud. This enables enterprises to put real-time data streaming at the heart of every business without worrying about the technological complexities of running this service. You will learn about:

  • The Confluent ecosystem--how it makes Kafka enterprise ready
  • Moving to real-time streaming from a native ETL architecture
  • Key aspects to resolve as part of running Confluent/Kafka as a service for your lines of business
  • How to “lift and shift” your Kafka applications from any location into—or out of—Confluent Cloud
  • Resultant increase in developer velocity
  • Coming up with the ROI of a managed service vs. running it yourself

Register now to hear this virtual Confluent Tech Talk on Friday, March 23rd, at 2:00 pm ET.