Ventana Report: Confluent Addresses Data Governance for Data in Motion

This Ventana Research Analyst Perspective explains why organizations have to manage and govern data streaming projects alongside data at rest.

As adoption of streaming data and event processing just keeps increasing, it’s clear these projects can’t exist in isolation. The rise of data streaming has created a shift in data governance strategy, which was once about blocking access and locking down data, but is now about safely enabling more teams to tap into data as it flows. Matt Aslett, VP and Research Director at Ventana Research, calls this “a holistic approach to the management and governance of data in motion alongside data at rest.”

This research perspective from Aslett finds that:

  • By 2024, more than half of all organizations’ standard information architectures will include streaming data and event processing
  • While Kafka provides a solid foundation for data streaming, the fact that it requires expert operators to self-manage is a barrier for most companies
  • While Confluent was originally created to help a wider variety of organizations adapt Kafka, today, it has grown into a mature, robust platform with the advent of Confluent Cloud, a library of pre-built Kafka connectors, stream processing with ksqlDB, Confluent for Kubernetes, and more

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