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Accelerate Insights with real-time event streaming

Production databases fuel many of the most compelling and actionable Kafka enabled analytics use cases, ranging from real-time customer predictions and business insights, to supply chain optimization to operational reporting. Qlik® Data Integration for CDC Streaming is a simple, low-impact solution for converting many sources—such as databases and mainframes—to efficiently prepare data streams for Apache Kafka® and Confluent in real-time. Together we modernize data infrastructures to enable streaming analytics that accelerate insights.

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Why Confluent with Qlik

Turn databases into live data feeds

Ingest real-time data with CDC technology from a wide breadth of sources including databases and mainframes to Confluent Platform and Confluent Cloud

Realize more value from data

Continuously stream data from multiple sources in real-time so you can use all of your data to enable real-time analytics

Accelerate data delivery to enable real-time analytics

Create continuous automated data pipelines for advanced streaming analytics use cases

Reduce training requirements

Simple drag and drop features in Qlik automate the processes that prepare the data streams for Confluent

CDC technology from Qlik

Boost productivity by helping your enterprise leverage Kafka’s modern distributed architecture to move DB2 z/OS, IMS, and VSAM data in real time between systems. And use Kafka’s native- stream processing to enrich, filter, route, aggregate, and join data while it’s inflight.

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