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IBM Cloud Pak®️ for Integration with Confluent

What is Confluent Platform for IBM Cloud Pak®️ for Integration?
Confluent Platform for IBM Cloud Pak for Integration leverages Apache Kafka capabilities to unlock your data and free your innovation. Access real time inventory data, in motion. Perform fraud analytics in real time at scale. Accelerate your claim processing, and many other aspects of your business. Make customer experience seamless, regardless of how they interact with you.

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Why Confluent with IBM?

Unrestricted Innovation

Enhance Confluent to accelerate modern application development

Cost Effectiveness at Scale

Production Readiness

Minimize the risk of security breaches and downtime

Access a unified integration platform to simplify operations

Use Cases


Access inventory data for seamless omnichannel experiences. Identify trends, analyze transactions, and deliver personalized recommendations and offers, all in real time.


Perform fraud analytics to identify patterns and power machine learning algorithms. Capture, aggregate, and filter data from all security log resources to adhere to various regulatory requirements.


Accelerate claim processing and deliver improved customer experience by moving claim processing from batch to real time. Detect anomalies to pre-emptively identify potentially fraudulent activities.

Develop modern apps with the leading enterprise platform for harnessing Data in Motion

Use real-time data to make intelligent business decisions

Build event-driven services and applications

Support multiple styles of integration, such as API, application, messaging, file and events



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