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Confluent Platform and Humio

Search, Analyze and Visualize Streaming Log Data in Real-Time

Managing massive volumes of log data can be laborsome, expensive and painful. Humio’s innovative data storage, in-memory search/query engine technologies and unlimited ingest license instead enables instant aggregation, search, analysis and exploration of all log data. Paired with Confluent Platform’s additional features for Apache Kafka® event streaming, Humio powers live system observability for developers and operations, even at massive scale.

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Why Humio and Confluent Platform?

Complete, real-time system observability

One centralized view to search, analyze and visualize streaming events instantly

Built to scale, at speed

Streaming data as events with Confluent Platform paired with Humio’s purpose-built log management can handle 100 TBs of data per day with sub-second ingest latency and query speeds

Straightforward, schema-free setup

Index-free logging for event streaming data means lightning-fast, ad-hoc queries at your fingertips without ingest delays

Freedom of Choice

Confluent Platform and Humio are enterprise-ready and can run on-premises and in the cloud – wherever your business is run

One aggregated platform for all streaming log data

The enterprise-ready Humio HEC Kafka Connector is a sink connector that leverages Kafka Connect and standardizes and streamlines the collection of logs via Kafka. As log data is streamed into Kafka topics, Humio consistently and predictably processes the events and reliably sends the event data to the Humio HEC endpoint, enabling immediate availability for search.


Humio HEC Kafka Connector Installation

Real-time Streaming Log Management for Kafka with Humio Solution Brief

HEC Event Collector