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EDA Governance Model: a multicloud approach based on GitOps

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The first question that arises when you start a new EDA project is how to govern the system? An entire ecosystem of applications, backends, events, and APIs must co-exist under the same architecture. The architect team must keep in well-balanced the warranty of the reliability, coherence, and security of the system along with the ability for the developing team to agile create new apps. In this work, we present a general governance framework we designed base on our experience with one of the largest insurance companies in Spain. Our framework is based on the catalog and the cataloging process; the deployment & provision process, and the operational & exploitation model. The framework's main engine is the catalog & a catalog-enforcement approach rules the entire system. Catalog implementation is based on GitOps practices. Along with this catalog, we envisioned an event-portal (as a UI) and a set of hand-on-labs to help users to train their skills on the new EDA Architecture.

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