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Streaming Data Ingest and Processing with Apache Kafka - 56:21

Recording Time: On Demand Webinar [56:21]

Gwen Shapira, System Architect, Confluent
Jordan Martz, Director of Technology Solutions, Attunity
Reza Khan, Director of Product Management, Attunity

In this webinar, let the the experts from Confluent, the creators of Apache™ Kafka, and  Attunity, a leader in data integration software, show you how to:

  • Realize the value of streaming data ingest with Kafka
  • Turn databases into live feeds for streaming ingest and processing
  • Accelerate data delivery to enable real-time analytics
  • Reduce skill and training requirements for data ingest

The webinar includes a demo using automation software to stream live changes from a database into Kafka using Attunity Replicate.

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cc demo
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Weitere Ressourcen

cc demo
kafka microservices